World's largest adult website is giving away Premium Membership for free to raise awareness about an important issue

World's largest adult website is giving away Premium Membership for free to raise awareness about an important issue

Pornhub has just launched the campaign to raise awareness about the taboos surrounding period sex and period masturbation.

The stigma around periods are meant to be broken. Especially of having sex when you're on it.

Who better than the world's largest porn site to dilute the stigma associated with periods and sex during it. 

F**k Your Period, Pornhub's new campaign, is encouraging menstruating women to masturbate, while viewing their ridiculously large collection of adult movies. 

Curious as to how they plan to do this? With free premium porn, they say.

The adult website aims to get women to get frisky while on their periods with free access to their coveted Pornhub Premium for whenever they are on their period! They want women to fight those monstrous cramps with HD.

They have also launched a website with the same name as the campaign, and which provides women with tips on how to handle their menstruation pains. And the tips are not what you think, dirty minds. They are mostly about following a healthy regimen, avoiding vices like smoking and exercising regularly.

The pink homepage has an introductory video and you'll get your deets there. But, we'll tell you what to do anyway. You’ll be answering some questions about your cycle, just so the website can calculate when your clock begins and ends. Very similar to what you would answer on a period tracking application.

Then, when the big day arrives and Aunt Agony knocks on your uterus, Pornhub will send you with an invite that will lead you to the holy grail of their campaign - a full access pass to Pornhub Premium till your period lasts.

This offer will be on for the next three months. Not all women need porn to get there but some good quality help never hurts.

Pornhub brand manager Alexandra Klein hopes the campaign will address the shame that revolves around period sex and period masturbation. 

"It shouldn’t be something women feel self-conscious about," Klein told "Many women themselves are able to comfortable discuss and even joke about sex on their periods – and at Pornhub, we’re all about breaking taboos and starting conversations.

"We think this one was way overdue and wanted to shed some light on it.

"It’s 2018 and no one should ever feel awkward or ashamed about their bodies. This feeling is ubiquitous to all people as everyone should feel confident and be able to talk about things that happen to them – no matter what stigma accompanies it."

And it is true too. According to Brown University Health Promotion, orgasms help release natural chemicals into our bodies that make us feel happy.

Our body generates dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin during an orgasm; these chemicals make their way into our circulatory system and can relieve pain.

It is also known to increase the pain threshold of women, making life on a losing streak a little easy. It is also known to cut the length of the period and help deal with the terrible mood swings accompanying them.

They also make us feel all around fabulous.

With all these health benefits and an all-access pass to some really good adult stimulation, do you really need more reasons to flick the bean? Don't let that little blood come in the way.


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