Mentally ill parents torture and kill 4-year-old girl by burning her in hot bath water

The couple admits to having severe mental illnesses and not treating them

In a terrible tragedy in Michigan, a 4-year-old girl died after being tortured by her mother and the mother's boyfriend. The girl had been burned so badly that her big toe fell off and her melted skin was found in the bathtub.

Gabby was burned so badly that her big toe fell off (Facebook)

Shocking details of toddler Gabby Barrett's death came to light after her 24-year-old mother, Candice Diaz, and the 28-year-old boyfriend, Brad Fields, were captured by the police on January 9th after being on the run from the law

Brad Fields (Police handout)
Candice Diaz (Police handout)

Gabby died on New Year's Eve and there was a nationwide manhunt for the couple after they went on the run from the Sumpter Township. The pair were arrested about 792 miles away from their home in southern Georgia.

They managed to get 792 miles away from the home before being captured (Facebook)

The medical examiner from Washtenaw County said that Gabby's death was the "worst child death case" that he had ever seen in his 30-year career as a doctor.

The medical examiner said at that Gabby's injuries was the worst that he had seen in his 30-year career (Facebook)

The Detroit Free Press obtained court documents which had the gruesome details of the child's injuries. The authorities said that they had found Gabby's melted skin in the drain of the bathtub and she was also missing a big toe due to the burns.

Police found a piece of Gabby's melted skin in the bathtub drain (Facebook)

"Gabrielle had burns all over her body and bruising to her entire body," the document stated.  

She had burns on her body and bruising as well (Facebook)

In the court documents, it was revealed that Diaz told police that Gabby had burned herself after running her own bath on New Year's Eve.

Diaz told police that Gabby burned herself (Facebook)

Diaz said that Gabby wanted to have another bath the next day so she left her daughter alone in the bathroom and went to the kitchen to make pancakes.

She said she left Gabby alone in the bathroom (Facebook)


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