A man waits for perfect selfie with running train, gets hit

A man waits for perfect selfie with running train, gets hit

Man gets smashed by train in order to take the perfect selfie video

A 25-year-old man decided that taking the best possible selfie was worth more to him than his life. The man — from a city called Warangal in south India — , was on the train tracks along with some of his friends when the accident took place. 

While attempting to capture the 'perfect selfie' he was hit by a train which was approaching from behind him. The man, identified as Siva, is a gym trainer who miraculously survived the shocking accident which was captured on footage. Siva may have survived the accident but he was booked under railway laws. 

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The railway authorities have described the incident as reckless and careless. The video which Siva was taking as the train approached, shows him standing in the foreground of a train coming towards him in the background. The incident took place near the Borabanda MMTS Railway Station. 

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Siva got multiple warnings from his friends and others standing nearby as well as the train's loud and blaring horn but all these warnings were casually shrugged off as he continued to smile at the camera. He seems totally unfazed by all the commotion and the camera is seen shaking and falling towards the end. 

(Source: YouTube)

Despite the severe impact of the accident, Siva survived with minor injuries, railway officials. A press release from South Central Railway said that Siva continued to take the selfie video even as the home guard kept warning him. After the collision took place, the home guard produced him before the Railway Police after the collision. 

According to the Bharatnagar Railway Protection Inspector Sudhakar Rao, "He was booked and penalized ₹500. Despite the severity of the impact in the video, he escaped largely unhurt as the locopilot applied the emergency brakes and slowed the train." A spokesperson for the South Central Railway revealed that there was an increase in the number of accidents on railway tracks due to the use of the cell phone. 

The official also stated that it amounts to trespassing on railway property which is a punishable offense by law. It is best for everyone to be aware of their surroundings when out and about versus being involved in your phone.

Shia's friends said he misjudged the impact of the train's speed and the wind.

"Height of stupidity," commented people on social media, reacting to the video that was rapidly shared.  


For several years now, India has recorded the most selfie-related deaths. According to Me, Myself and My Killfie: Characterizing and Preventing Selfie Deaths, a collaborative study by researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and Indraprastha Institute of Information Delhi, between March 2014 and September 2016, 60 per cent of all “selfie deaths” were reported from India. In 2017, about half of the selfie related deaths around the world – 27 — occurred in India.

In January 2017, two teenagers were killed by a speeding train while they were doing stunts and posing for selfies near a railway track in Delhi.

In July, a 28-year-old man sneaked into a restricted safari area at a biological Park in Bengaluru with his friends and tried to take a selfie with an elephant. The animal trampled him to death. That same month, four people were trying to take a selfie on a cliff at Nagoa Beach in Diu. As waves crashed into the cliff, they fell in the Arabian Sea and were swept away, drowning them all.

Here is the video that was captured on the phone. Warning: Distressing content

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