Can you spot the snake in this picture? If yes, then it's time to run

Snakes are terrifying, at least for most of us, and if you aren't Steve Irwin we would suggest you turn around and walk away the moment you spot the ancient reptile. Previously confined to forests and parks, snakes have increasingly found their way into people's houses and they are not to be blamed because we have taken away their habitats too.

This particular case emerges out of Australia where the resident of the house spotted something bizarre out in the garden. Needless to say, he wasn't prepared for what he saw but who can ever be prepared for a snake slithering into your house, right?

Spot the snake if you can (Image source: Facebook)

The snake that had slithered into the garden was none other than a Coastal Carpet Python. Though it is non-venomous, it is known to leave deep bites which cause excruciating pain, apart from the fact that it is a Python which can grow up to a length of 10 ft. They have been documented to have devoured small pets too, like a small dog or a cat which makes them a threat. 

A Coastal Carpet Python (Image Source: Wildlife QLD)


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