This woman knits out of her vagina, and the reaction to her art is mixed

Casey Jenkins from Australia knits sweaters by stuffing wool in her vagina and her performance is unreal.

Art has a way of surprising us, astounding us and making us think. And there are artists who like doing things so unconventionally that they have the power to shock us. One such artist is Casey Jenkins, from Australia, who took the art world by storm when she began a performing piece titled Casting Off My Womb, a few years ago.

Casting Off My Womb, the performance, begins with her sitting on a stool wearing nothing but a woolen sweater and with a ball of wool stuffed in her vagina. She knits using the wool which she stores in her womb for 28 days and she knits even during her periods. During the performance, she sat for 28 days straight, knitting, as the days went by.

She received massive acclaim for her really-strange style of art but it was also accompanied with a number of hate messages wherein people abused her, called her names and thrashed her performance.