This is what the shape of your breasts reveals about your personality

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This is what the shape of your breasts reveals about your personality

Here we determine what the shape of your breasts say about the kind of person you are.

The shape of your breasts is a physical quality but there is a direct association between your personality and your physical features. They help predict, to a large extent, what your primary personality traits may be and what kind of a person you are. They also tentatively determine your attitude and the way you act. Here, we have 12 most common breast types and we reveal what these shapes say about your personality.


1. Lemon Shaped (symmetric and petite)

You are the kind of person who does not conform to societal norms. Your thoughts, as well as attitude, differ from the masses and you are usually inclined to do things your way. You prefer partial isolation wherein you find some time for yourself to enjoy music, reading or something along those lines. The one fact about you that stands out is your emotional intelligence, which is the hallmark of your balanced life.

2. Papaya Shaped (elongated and pendulous)

You are nothing if not goal-driven and fiercely driven. A strong will and an independent personality are what define you as a person. The very fact that you thrive in success ensures that you have a sense of calm and control about you which helps you achieve those lofty dreams. A leader is what you were born to be and that's exactly who you are.

3. Apple Shaped (small, facing away, and sloping downward)

Adventure is what brings out the real you, the out-going, exploring and the free spirit that you are. Your thoughts are liberal and you have a progressive point of view which holds you in good stead. Your charm is something people find incredibly irresistible and why not, given how spontaneous, funny and graceful you can be.