A rescue snake gets a Christmas sweater and the photos are adorable!

A rescue snake gets a Christmas sweater and the photos are adorable!

“I never thought I would own a snake, but he’s been the best pet for me, in all honesty," says Spaghetti's dad.

Sean never knew how much his life needed Spaghetti, a pet corn snake until he decided to adopt him. A rescue, the snake is 39 inches and brown with pretty little patches.

"It's more of a sweater tunnel. So he crawls in it and hangs out then after a few minutes he wiggles out. It does try stay on him (no arms to hold it on!)" says Sean. (Source: Reddit)

About four years ago, when Spaghetti's former owner moved to England, no one wanted to take him. “Spaghetti used to belong to my old roommate,” Sean said. “He got [Spaghetti] from one of his old coworkers, and when my roommate had to move to England to get his master’s degree, he got on Facebook and tried to give him away, but nobody would take him. I’d lived with the snake for two years, and I loved him and I knew how to take care of him, so I said I would," The Dodo reported Sean as saying.

The other sweater. (Source: Reddit)

Since then, Sean has been wrapped up in Spaghetti — literally. When his sister started asking questions about his pet corn snake, Spaghetti, Sean (who asked for his last name not to be mentioned) didn’t have any idea what she was up to. 

“She was asking how big or round is he, and I said, ‘About an inch or so,’” Sean told The Dodo. “She asked me how long he was, and I was like, ‘Well, he’s about 39 inches last time I measured him.’” And then there is it was, she was making Spaghetti a sweater. 

Watch the adorable noodle here :

“I think the sweater’s really cute,” Sean said.

Spaghetti seems to think so too. When Sean first showed Spaghetti the sweater, he happily wriggled his way inside of it, according to Sean. Right before he sticks his head out through the end, he kind of parks it in there and waits,” Sean said. “Then after a minute or two, he’ll poke his head out and he’ll sit there and look around for a while.”

Would you knit one for your snake? (Source: Pinterest)

Technically, Spaghetti’s Christmas sweater isn’t actually a sweater. “It’s kind of like a sweater tube that he crawls through,” Sean said. “But he seems to like staying in there, which is kind of funny.”

Spaghetti longes on the couch. (Source: Twitter)

Sean is hopeful that his sister makes Spaghetti a second one. “She might surprise me with another one,” he said. “Once she gets better at crocheting, she might try out a different pattern or something.”

Whatever happens, this Christmas gift was a hit — and we hope that Spaghetti will be spending many happy hours snuggling inside of his sweater.

This snake isn't the only one though, the internet's cuteness level is being upped by more snakes in colorful sweaters. Take a look:

He got a pink sweater with a festive hat this Christmas. (Source: Twitter)

This boy seems to have extra sleeves. (Source: Twitter)


He is doing the warmer winter sweater. (Source: Twitter)

This guy got a knitted hat. Very patriotic. (Source: Pinterest)
Fluffy in pink (Source: Twitter)



He is happy! (Source: Twitter)

And now for those you who seem inspired to make one for your pet snake as well, here are some tutorials:

Has your heart melted yet?



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